Banking option transaction limit processing time
minimum maximum
ATM Cash Deposit Online Transfer Local Bank Transfer 30.00 100,000.00 10 mins
Banking option transaction limit processing time
minimum maximum
Quick Withdrawal 50.00 20,000.00 15-30 mins
Local Bank Transfer > 20,000.00 100,000.00 max 1 day

important notes

  • Your bank account name (beneficiary name) must be same as the registered name on your Xax888 account.
  • All maximum amounts is based on per transaction per day.
  • Withdrawal of Bonus and Winnings is subjected to Terms & Conditions. Members may not be able to withdraw until the required Terms & Conditions has been met.
  • Please be advised to keep the bank receipt or transaction reference id as we might request it for proof of payment.
  • We may require verification documents before processing any payouts from your player account and large withdrawal amount might take longer time to processed.
  • For security precautions, we reserve the right to refuse member's withdrawal if they do not match the information provided.
  • Customers are required to perform wagers where the total amount equals or more than 50% of deposit amount. As for SCR888, 2 times of deposited amount is required; falling which any withdrawal requests would be subjected to 5% service & administration charges based on total deposited amount.
  • Our system employs a first come first serve basis. Do take note that processing delays can also be caused by slow or downed banking systems or even by the bank’s unavailability to offer round the clock 24-hour service.
 maybank  Cimbbank publicbank  Hong Leong Bank  RHB Bank


In order to deposit, you must first be a registered member of If you are already a member, please follow the instructions below to deposit into your gaming account.

How does it works?

  • Click "JOIN NOW "to sign up as a Xax888 member
  • Deposit a minimum of MYR 30 to
  • Submit a Deposit Form
  • Check product login details at Gaming ID page & start playing!

How do I deposit?

We have a list of major banks and payment options for you, kindly contact our live chat or sign in to obtain our banking details.

  • Login to your Xax888 account
  • Click Deposit
  • Click "Add New Deposit" button
  • Choose which gaming product website you like to Deposit To
  • Choose your preferable Promotion (or not choosing one)
  • Choose your preferable bank to deposit with
  • Choose your preferable Bank-in Method
  • Insert Amount to deposit
  • Click Save button
  • Follow the instruction to obtain the banking account detail
  • Transfer the money
  • Once done, update the deposit record and insert your banking receipt/reference number
  • Attach a receipt image if possible
  • Click "Save" to submit

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Please submit a withdrawal request and your winnings will be transferred directly into your bank account within 30 minutes.

  • Login to your Xax888 member account
  • Click Withdrawal
  • Click "Add New Withdrawal" button
  • Choose where you like to Withdraw From
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click "Submit"

How do I transfer my balance?

Please submit a transfer request and the minimum transfer amount is MYR50 between products.

  • Login to your Xax888 member account
  • Click Transfer
  • Click "Add New Transfer"
  • Choose which product you would like to "transfer from"
  • Choose which product you would like to "transfer to"
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer and click "Submit"